Sailing Program


Due to COVID-19, the Sailing Program has been cancelled for 2020. We hope to be back next year.

Private Sailing Lessons

Enjoy the individual attention and customized instruction of private lessons at Maple Bay Yacht Club. Whether you’re looking to learn from scratch, refresh your basic sailing skills or learn more advanced techniques, private lessons provide the opportunity to learn what you want when you want. Please contact the office for more information.

CANSail 1 ~ 8+ Opti, Laser and 420

Provides an active start focused on fun, safe activities around the water to teach children to enjoy being in, on and around the water. This course offers a safe environment to introduce children to the sport of sailing and encourages them to become involved in daily physical activity all year round.

CANSail 2 ~ Opti, Laser and 420

Learn fundamental skills for any type of boat. This course is designed for those who has either finished the CANSail 1 course. CANSail 1 &2 is focused on participating, physical literacy, varied physical activities and the fundamentals of the sport

CANSail 3 & 4 ~ Opti, Laser and 420

Learn to Sail Fast! Learn to apply the fundamental skills in any type of boat. Have completed CANSail 2 or 3 (or the equivalent White Sail 3, or have some Bronze 4 or 5) and want to continue sailing. CANSail 3 & 4 is focused on advancing sailors skills up to racing standards and developing the basic skills into an advanced understanding of sailing. These courses take 2 weeks to complete and are offered in 2 week intervals for laser and 420 classes. Opti 3/4 courses are one week intensives where the athletes will learn advanced skills.

Regatta (or race week): This week is to get you ready for the MBYC Regatta