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Maple Bay Yacht Club
6337 Genoa Bay Rd.
Duncan, BC V9L5Y4
Office: 250-746-4521
Reservations: 778-455-2404

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Maple Bay Yacht Club

Since its inception in 1925, Maple Bay Yacht Club has served its members and the community by providing an affordable means to enjoy the many benefits of yachting and related water sports on our beautiful coast. Development and operation of MBYC has been guided by the following purposes …

  • To encourage the development of yachting, both power and sail
  • To enhance the members’ yachting skills and knowledge, particularly with respect to seamanship and safety
  • To foster a high level of sportsmanship amongst the members through competitive sailing and power boat events
  • To provide moorage facilities for the benefit of members
  • To provide social facilities and functions for the benefit of members
Club Patron: HRH The Duke of York


Racing ScoreKeeper(s) Needed

Want to learn how race results are scored and volunteer to score the upcoming Labour Day Regatta? It’s easy to learn and you’ll be a star to the racers! Contact the Webmaster using the contact page for details.

90th Birthday Photos

MBYC’s 90th Birthday photos are being posted. You can see what’s there so far on the Photo Album page. You must be logged in to access this page.

Moorage Update

* The new Dinghy Dock is now in use. There are 3 vacant slips left with 7 available Kayak spaces on the new racks.

* Changes have been made to the time limits for boat & trailer storage in the Upper Parking lot & the Secured Compound to commence October 1st. These changes will enhance available vehicle parking in the Upper Parking lot and limit long term storage in both the Compound & Upper Parking lot.

These changes will replace existing rules; G 1.10 a), G 1.10 c) ii & G 1.11, f)

Upper Parking lot; 1 month time limit {now will be covered under House & Grounds}
Compound; 6 month maximum time limit {will remain with Moorage Committee}.