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New Webcam Under Testing!

We have had a new higher definition webcam under testing for a month or so and feel that we should try it out under more challenging conditions and what better way to test it than under the current weather conditions?

You should expect that it won’t work perfectly, under testing, and of course not at all if the internet and or power fails.

The new webcam is located on top of the workshop/shed at the beginning of the walkway out to the docks. There is no sign at the walkway (yet) that the webcam is located there and you are hereby forewarned that you may be seen, hopefully smiling, on the internet at any time during the day or night.  The new webcam is much better at night vision than the old one, has a higher resolution (720p), and covers most of the marina, from that vantage point, but does of course not cover everything. BTW Nothing is being recorded at this point, although we could if so is being decided later.

The new webcam has so far been tested under (Windows 7 &10 (Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome), and the latest Mac OSX (Safari), Android 5 & 6 (Chrome), Iphone 5. On several of these platforms it gives a warning message saying it might not work, but does so anyway. Go figure. Just click ok and go on with life. The webcam also works with several apps on phones and Windows 10. I use the app: IP cam viewer lite, on my Android phone, available for free in the Google Play Store.

How to see the webcam: in your browser click on this link. If you must login to see the webcam use these credentials:

Username is mbyc

Password: camera1 (all lowercase no space!)


  1. What if I don’t have a computer or phone that has been tested, will it still work? Answer: Maybe J, maybe not, just try and see what happens, upgrade to the latest browser version and it is more likely.
  2. What to do if the webcam isn’t working, for you or of it is down? First wait a little and try again, might be under heavy load. If it is still not working send an email to, leave a message saying if it has never worked for you and what machine you have or if it is just not working now.
  3. Why 720p and not 1080p resolution? We could not find a camera that fits our other requirements (rugged outside mount that can be used by many users , technical requirements, etc.) and it puts a significant higher strain on our Internet connection.

Merry Christmas!

Infotech – Andreas Berglund