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Have a look at the MBYC Reciprocal Page at Yacht Destinations and let us know what you think.

Reciprocal Privileges at other Yacht Clubs Updated: 2018-04-01
When visiting reciprocal clubs, please remember to complete either:
• the online reciprocal feedback form available at the reciprocal feedback tab or
• the reciprocal survey form available at the club house and return to the Club Manager after each cruise.

While cruising, if you find any of the reciprocal information to be incorrect please add corrections to the feedback forms in order for us to ensure our information is correct and up to date.
We rely on your assistance to help us create the most accurate reciprocal data possible, as well as provide useful information when discussing reciprocal club renewals on an annual basis.
MBYC members wishing to utilize reciprocal moorage must fly the club burgee and present a current membership card upon registration. It is important to remember that reciprocal privileges apply to the yacht club’s home marina/moorage and never applies to outstations. The address of the yacht club is included in the information below and no outstations are included. If you dock at an outstation you will not be allowed to stay so please do not make such a request from any club. The attached list may be incomplete, but does contain information pertaining to most MBYC Reciprocal clubs in our cruising area.
PLEASE NOTE: Latitudes and Longitudes are for informational purposes only – They are not to be used for navigational purposes, as errors may have occurred during the publication process.
If you have any questions about our reciprocals, please contact us at Reciprocal Chair

Follow this link for more information

Reciprocal Club Information,